2002 Dioxin Data from Major Chlorine Producers and Users

Under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community-Right-to-know Act, facilities that manufacture, process, or otherwise use certain toxic materials are required to report amounts of emissions of these materials to air, water and land if they exceed established activity thresholds. Reported amounts are compiled in the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). The TRI also requires facilities to report their pollution-prevention and recycling data. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compiles TRI data each year, publishes an annual report, and makes the data available to the public via the Internet.

PCDD/Fs are a category of compounds that were added to the TRI in 2000. Industries are now required to report PCDD/F emissions, pollution-prevention, and recycling data.

This webpage presents PCDD/F data submitted by major industrial producers and users of chlorine. Data on this webpage are representative of PCDD/F releases for greater than 90% of chlorine and nearly 100% of vinyl chloride US production and over 75% of other chemical uses of chlorine. It provides data on PCDD/F releases, treatment, disposal and transfer activities. PCDD/F data, in numerical form, are reported in the links below using two types of units: (1) TEQ, denoting "Toxic Equivalent," a quantitative measure of the combined toxicity of a mixture of dioxin-like chemicals, and (2) TM-17, denoting "Total Mass of 17 different types of dioxin family compounds of concern."

Estimated total releases for 2002*

Year 2002 PCDD/F Total Releases
Summary of quantities of PCDD/Fs released to air and water in 2002. Air emissions include fugitive emissions (non-point sources) and stack emissions. Toxic Equivalents Grams
Total Mass Grams TM-17
2002 Dioxin
Air and Water Releases
Air Releases
2002 Total
1995 Total Dioxin Emission Source Inventory Total Releases from Man-made Sources
2002 Data Percentage of 1995 Total Dioxin Inventory Percentage of 2002 Chlorine Industry Total Dioxin Releases from Total 1995 Dioxin Releases         0.004%          0.006%
*These estimated total release figures have not been reviewed by U.S. EPA.


Please click on the company name below to view estimated 2002 dioxin totals for that company and its facilities.

Facilities Available in 2002 Database
Mobile, AL
Muscle Shoals, AL
Delaware City, DE
Edgemoor, DE
New Castle, DE
Illiopolis, IL
Baton Rouge, LA
Convent, LA
Hahnville, LA
Lake Charles, LA
Plaquemine, LA
Midland, MI
DeLisle, MS
Niagara Falls, NY
Castle Hayne, NC
New Johnsonville, TN
Deer Park, TX (C/A)
Deer Park, TX (VCM)
Freeport, TX
Ingleside, TX
LaPorte, TX
LaPorte, TX
Point Comfort, TX
New Martinsville, WV


The links listed below contains aggregated 2002 TRI dioxin data for each of the facilities listed in the above table. All data is presented using both the TEQ and TM-17 methods.


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